Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Variation on the pencil extender/lengthener

These will only fit one size. I wish they were adjustable like
the rubber bands. I really like the look, especially the thicker one.


Pedro Sacristán said...

Hello Stephen
I´ve been looking for pencil extenders on the internet and I´ve found your blog.
Very nice pencil extenders!
I saw another pencil extenders, Derwent, Lyra, Faber-Castell but I think yours are the best and also they look lighter than the others, I do not like that the pencil extenders from trademarks have metal and plastic, it doesn´t look very confortable to me.
Nice to meet you.
Best regards from México City.

Alan said...

Hi Stephen,

This is a very elegant solution to a problem which came up on Quora - I hope you don't mind my linking to it.

Alan Sloan